HoliDogz brings you all the pet friendly accommodation in The Amble. Please remember to ask permission to bring your pets along.

We are constantly updating our listings however sometimes establishments will change their pet friendly policy without notice, or implement pet restrictions.
Should you find that any of the pet friendly accommodation in The Amble is inaccurate regarding its pet friendliness, could you let us know by dropping us a quick email on info@holidogz.co.za so that we can update the listing asap.

We strongly recommend in the interests of maintaining harmony with the establishments that are generous enough to allow pets, that you bring your pets' bedding and bowls regardless of the establishment's policy.

Furthermore, don't leave your pet unattended at the establishment and don't allow your pet on furniture.

Should your pet damage anything or relieve itself inside the premises by accident, please advise the establishment and ensure that you pay for any damages incurred.