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Forget finding kennels or trustworthy dog sitters. HoliDogz brings you a range of pet friendly accommodation making it easier to travel with your best friend. Thanks to the rise of dog friendly accommodation, you can afford to take a holiday that you and your dog will love. Even travelling with a large dog doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult because the majority of dog friendly establishments will let your dog stay for free.
Our intention is to centralize all the pet friendly accommodation available in our beautiful country as well as to build up a centralised repository of other pet and dog friendly information, such as pet friendly restaurants, pet friendly beaches, pet friendly walks and other things you can typically do with your pets.

We hope that people can go on holiday with their dogs (or other pets) and not have to spend endless amounts of time trying to research their holiday.

We list a variety of pet friendly accommodation some of which is more suited to pets than others. Our ranking system (see the left hand menu on the listing page) allows guests to filter on the basis of the available features. The best pet friendly accommodation has a ranking of 5, which means it is fenced and the establishment has made it clear that they are definitely pet friendly.